According to 2015 estimates, the companies representing aviation/aerospace industry in Kentucky exported $8.7 billion ranking it THIRD among all states.   Last fall the state developed preliminary figures showing a 19 percent increase which would catapult the Bluegrass State to second past California, trailing only the state of Washington (home to Boeing).

Several years ago when Kentucky started keeping records there were only 60 known companies statewide related to this field, but ongoing research has uncovered nearly ten times as many or 597.  Many are located in Northern Kentucky and Louisville.

Join us as a distinguished panel will shed light on this subject led by Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton, who has an engineering background, and commissioned this latest industry survey awaiting final results.  She will be joined by Steve Barnett, CEO of Covington’s Indy Honeycomb as well as Stewart Ditto, Executive Director of the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium, a Lexington trade group organized last October to represent and provide program for businesses in this thriving field.

They will discuss the growth of aviation/aerospace in Kentucky, how it has continued, what strategies state leaders have to promote its prosperity and the development of spinoff businesses.