Aircelle, a leader in the global nacelle manufacturing market, shares the values of SAFRAN Group, its parent company.  Both are strong advocates for the development of high quality products, the importance of superior customer service, and constant improvement and innovation.

Because of these high standards, Aircelle was quick to identify supplier challenges in the production of the Trent 900 Engine to be used on the Airbus A380.  Specific opportunities surrounded the supplier’s inability to provide honeycomb for the engine’s exhaust nozzle which satisfied technological requirements.

Together, with Aircelle’s engineers, Indy Honeycomb created exhaust nozzle honeycomb constructed of one of the lightest and strongest alloys, B21 titanium.  All materials produced met 100% of the specifications 100% of the time, and delivery schedules were never compromised.

Ultimately, Aircelle, as a first tier supplier, was able to form a strategic alliance with Indy which allowed them to be flexible and competitive while maintaining their industry setting standards.


Indy Honeycomb’s mission statement, “we make honeycomb easy to buy,” was founded on a philosophy that excellent customer service, continuous process improvement and technically sound products are the focus of meeting their customers’ needs.  Indy offered:  technological expertise in working with superior alloys and process development, solutions which addressed pre and post production, incorporated the entire supply chain, and close and constant interaction with the customer to ensure satisfaction.

The material.  Titanium is coveted by the aerospace industry because of its durability and strength qualities.  However, titanium is also a very difficult alloy to work with, offering particular challenges with forming and welding.

Working relationship and process development.  Over a 9-month period, Indy worked hand-in-hand with Aircelle engineers to develop specifications and create a test product.  Indy experts guided Aircelle in crafting requirements that addressed both the manufacture of the exhaust nozzle honeycomb (to be handled by Indy Honeycomb), and the brazing functions (to be handled by Aircelle).  Indy’s insights simplified the installation process and provided flexibility.

Supply chain and deadlines.  As a second tier supplier to Airbus ( –or- 1st tier supplier to Aircelle), Indy indicated preferred vendors to support the material acquisition and delivery venues.  Indy Honeycomb extended its philosophies to supply chain entities as though they were direct hires of Aircelle.

The results.  All Aircelle requirements are satisfied 100%, 100% of the time, which led to a multi-year contract with Indy Honeycomb.  In 2008, Aircelle presented Indy Honeycomb with the Overall Performance Award for Indy’s exemplary customer service and superior structural honeycomb.

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