Honeycomb Supplier

“We make honeycomb easy to buy.” This is a statement you will hear over and over when doing business with Indy Honeycomb, and it is not just our philosophy; it is our promise. With a focus on each individual customer, the entire company is challenged every day toward achieving excellence in all facets of our service.

Does Your Supplier Have a Reputation for Being On Time and On Budget?

Although the field of honeycomb suppliers is somewhat narrow, choosing the right one for your needs is vital to receiving the best possible product on the market. At Indy Honeycomb, we value the customer above all else. As a customer, you will have access to our knowledgeable and professional staff. With a simple phone call, you can get prompt answers to any questions or concerns that may arise. And Indy Honeycomb’s number one business measurement is on-time delivery, which means you receive a high-quality product at a competitive price on or before the agreed-upon date. Although we work from a production shop, every order is created custom for each client.

Does Your Supplier Have Global Reach for Global Business?

With more than 160 customers in more than a dozen countries around the world, Indy Honeycomb certainly has a global reach. We are neither the biggest nor the smallest manufacturer of honeycomb products, but we are the best at crafting difficult engine seal honeycomb, and supplying MRO and OEM with an array of options up to and including “furnace ready” components. We set the standard in the OEM structural honeycomb market, occupy a growing presence in the EMI/RF shielding market, and have a substantial market share of worldwide wind-tunnel sales. To better service our customers, we have longstanding relationships with premiere companies that offer brazing, fabrication, and installation services, allowing us to effectively manage our customers’ projects. Our quality system is AS 9100/ISO 9001.

Does Your Supplier Have a Team of Seasoned Professionals Managing Your Project and Your Relationship?

Indy Honeycomb’s philosophy and mission are rooted in the people behind the scene. While working in various GE Aircraft Engines for 11 years, Steve Barnett, the President/Owner of Indy Honeycomb, became inspired by the component repair realm of the aviation business. He noticed that the process of purchasing the honeycomb rings and segments became a serious limiting factor to progress in various lean initiatives and took the limited choice of suppliers as a sign it was time to do something different. In 1996, he conceived the idea that a honeycomb supplier would behave as an internal “crib” (like a tool or gage crib) for various customers around the world. He founded the company with the mindset that it made better business sense to allow customers in the marketplace to determine a supplier’s behavior in ways that meet the needs of their own businesses not to accommodate the supplier’s wishes; simply stated, “to make honeycomb easy to buy.”

Working alongside Barnett is Don Prysi, who currently serves as Indy’s President. Previously, Don fulfilled the role of Vice President, Managing Director, and Export Compliance Officer. He has always aimed to be a leader in the world of aviation and tailored his education and service to the military to reflect this goal. Working his way through the ranks of the company, Prysi is committed to the continuous improvement of Indy Honeycomb and ongoing development of positive business partnerships by maintaining oversight of operations to develop and execute the vision and mission of the company.

Another integral face behind the scene is Sergiy (Serg) Papyshev. With a degree in Systems Engineering from an aviation-based university, Serg was a natural choice for the company. He began his career at Indy Honeycomb as a machine operator and was later promoted to Sales Engineer. He now serves as Inside Sales and Engineering Manager.

As a company, we are determined to remain flexible by continually working to identify, measure, and improve our core processes and work towards providing customer value. When you choose to work with Indy Honeycomb, you cannot go wrong. 

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