Indy Honeycomb is pleased to announce the furthering of our expansion plans! Newly signed agreements are expected to generate revenues in excess of $10 million dollars in the next five years. Because of our increased business we are proud to be able to add additional jobs to the area as well as increased compensation for its employees. We are excited that our vision has come to realization. Founder of the company, Steve Barnett, infused his value of excellent customer service into Indy Honeycomb — a driving force that continues to this day. Read our Press Release below and see how our expansion plans came to fruition.





Covington, Kentucky – January 8, 2016 – Indy Honeycomb announced today that it will further expansion plans based on the successful approval of several prime aerospace customers, long term agreements and increased capabilities.


Indy Honeycomb is now approved as a supplier for major OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) customers such as Rolls Royce, MTU and Pratt & Whitney.  Long term agreements in support of several powerplants to include PW1000, V2500 and PW300 are underway.  Existing supplier approvals have led to long term agreements in support of major programs such as the Boeing 737NG, 737MAX and Airbus A380.  Indy also supports a number of other major programs.


Newly signed agreements are expected to generate revenues in excess of US$10 million over the next five years.  Deliveries will ramp up during 2016 and 2017 creating a demand for increased manpower, bringing additional jobs the area.  Indy Honeycomb’s economic development is supported by local and state incentives as the company raises compensation for its employees and brings significant opportunities for its strategic partners.


Don Prysi, President and COO of Indy Honeycomb, commented: “This opportunity is a direct result of the efforts of our committed team to work together and fulfill our mission: Making honeycomb easy to buy. We are honored to support world class programs in the growing aerospace industry.”


Indy Honeycomb is an AS/ISO certified manufacturer of welded metallic honeycomb for various industries.  Products include structural honeycomb, flow straighteners, engine seals, EMI/RF shielding and vent panels. Its core processes include forming, welding, machining and braze preparation of exotic alloys that are lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Steve Barnett founded the company, infusing his value of excellent customer service—a driving force that continues today.