In the midst of growing pains among the recovering industry, Indy Honeycomb, a locally owned and operated manufacturer, strives to be a supplier that their customers’ can count on. In March they lived out that goal by completing the 1,000th panel for a contract with a 1st tier supplier on the Boeing 737.

What made the 1000th panel even more noteworthy is that it was preceded by 999 that were conforming and delivered on time. This occasion was highlighted by a visit from the customer who presented a plaque to the team of men and women who make, inspect and ship the parts.

Indy Honeycomb makes welded metallic honeycomb using high temperature exotic alloys. The above mentioned contract allows Indy Honeycomb to be the sole source for the honeycomb component used in Boeing’s new configuration of the 737 exhaust nozzle.

Indy Honeycomb has been producing structural honeycomb for over 15 years and provides both OEM and repair materials for the industry leaders as well as 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers. Located in Northern Kentucky, Indy Honeycomb continues to supply excellent parts and service to all their customers’ by hiring for character as well as skill.