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Stephanie Wilmhoff

Stephanie Wilmhoff, Office Administrator – Indy Honeycomb

Stephanie started working for Indy Honeycomb in October of 2012 as the Office Administrator and her chief duties are managing accounts payable and receivable, processing and receiving payroll, administering employee benefits, maintaining benefits resources, and managing the Drug Abatement Program.  

“This is such a unique environment! We are co-workers but it feels like a family and I really love being a part of a team that strives for the best in everything they do,” Stephanie said. “I come from a non-accounting background, so the first time I balanced our operating account perfectly, it felt like hitting a home run!”

Stephanie shared an interesting job that she had before she was with Indy Honeycomb. She revealed that right after she graduated from the University of Kentucky, she worked with a non-profit missionary organization in Argentina for a year. She lived and worked in another culture and that experience forced both humility and perseverance upon her. She fell in love with the Argentine culture and people and had a year full of adventures that she will never forget.

Stephanie loves the outdoors and the adventure it brings! She especially likes hiking, biking, and kayaking. She takes off for the Red River Gorge in Kentucky any chance she gets.

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