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Don Prysi, President

Don Prysi, President

With pleasure and excitement for the future, Indy Honeycomb would like to announce its new President, Don Prysi. Don’s honorable character, ability, and years of dedicated service personify Indy Honeycomb’s mission and vision. Founder and owner Steve Barnett will continue in his primary role of CEO, supporting Don and Team Indy Honeycomb.

“I am humbled by this decision and thank everyone for the trust they have put in me,” says Don Prysi, Indy Honeycomb President. “Having worked my way through the ranks at Indy, I have a genuine interest in the success of employees and all of those who hold a stake in the company’s success. I am committed to the continuous improvement of Indy and ongoing development of positive business partnerships.”

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Steve Barnett

Steve Barnett, Founder & CEO

About Indy Honeycomb

Indy Honeycomb’s mission “to make honeycomb easy to buy” is, and always has been, at the forefront of our philosophy. In 1996, after noticing a real need for a service-minded supplier of honeycomb products, Steve Barnett of Barnett Industries, Inc., founded the company, infusing his value of excellent customer service—a driving force that continues today.

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