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Spotlight On Don Prysi… Indy Honeycomb’s President

“Since I can remember, I have aimed to be in the world of Aviation. It inspires me to work hard toward our common, grandiose goal of human flight. Day in and day out aerospace manufacturers work together, building win-win relationships and maintaining successful...

Indy Honeycomb Is Pursuing NADCAP Accreditation

Indy Honeycomb’s proactive mindset is recently demonstrated by our decision to pursue the NADCAP accreditation. We will be focusing on our Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) process for small cell applications, primarily engine seal honeycomb. By applying recognized...

The 2013 Paris Airshow is Proof of a Healthy Aerospace Sector!

One of Indy Honeycomb's most important markets is in aerospace sector.  We produce parts for many commercial aircraft including Structural Honeycomb on the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 380.  We also provide numerous Engine Seal Honeycomb components to varies aerospace...


Indy Honeycomb’s mission “to make honeycomb easy to buy” is, and always has been, at the forefront of our philosophy. In 1996, after noticing a real need for a service-minded supplier of honeycomb products, Steve Barnett of Barnett Industries, Inc., founded the company......


"We received early delivery and a quality product from Indy Honeycomb. It was packaged very well to protect the part."

Custom Application Customer

"I place my orders knowing that Indy Honeycomb will process them correctly and on-time with the proper paperwork included."

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